Mobile Foot Clinic

Taking care of your feet is crucial to your holistic wellness. As the foundation of your body, good foot health can prevent discomfort, pain, and mobility issues that could limit your daily activities. As proud members of the American Foot Care Nurses Association, our Certified Foot Care Specialists deliver convenient, medical-grade foot care services so you can get the professional foot care you need without leaving your home–perfect for aging seniors and individuals suffering from chronic illness!

Foot Care Treatments

Nail Trimming

Our professional nail trimming service involves the safe and proper trimming of toenails to prevent ingrown toenails, infections, and other foot problems.

Diabetic Foot Care & Training

Our Certified Foot Care Specialists provide education on foot hygiene, detection & prevention of foot problems, and regular foot care visits to manage complications.

Corn & Callus Care

Our Corn and callus medical foot care treatments involve the professional removal of hard, thickened skin on the feet that can cause discomfort, pain, or other complications.

Hard Skin Removal

Hard skin can cause discomfort and other complications like corns or calluses. Our foot care specialists remove hard skin to help you manage these conditions and prevent further issues.

Nail Thinning

Thickened toenails can cause pain and discomfort, which is why we offer nail thinning services to shape toenails and reduce the risk of nail-related infections.

Foot Massage

Foot massage involves the therapeutic manipulation of the muscles and soft tissues in the feet to improve circulation, reduce pain, and promote relaxation.

*If our team does not offer the specific medical food care services you require we can refer you to a reliable clinic that can help you manage your foot care needs.

Personalized, Medical-Grade Foot Treatments

Depending on you or your loved one’s unique health needs, we curate personalized medical foot treatment plans that target specific foot care requirements. Starting with a comprehensive assessment, our Certified Foot Care Specialist comes directly to your doorstep so you do not have to leave your home to get the medical foot care you require.


Experiencing pain every time your feet hit the floor?


Unable to cut your toenails?


Need medical diabetic foot care training?

Whatever the need, we are here to help your feet look and feel their very best.

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